Februarys Special Brew Challenge

So with the inaugural challenge to paint a Malifaux crew coming to a close, with just four days to go, I thought it was time to try and get some more people on board for February’s challenge. As it currently stands Myself, Al and Pete are already signed up to have a Frostgrave Warband, consisting of a Mage, an apprentice and ten mercenaries, fully painted for the 1st of March. There’s no prize for getting them finished early, in fact there’s no prize for getting them finished at all, but if you don’t have them finished on time then there is a forfeit. You have to drink a can of ‘special brew’.

Whilst this was intended as a way of motivating club members to get some more painting done this year, and to try out some new games, we thought it would be good to open things up a bit. We’ve set up a thread on the forum so if you are up for the challenge you can sign up there and join in. The rules are simple; paint up twelve models by the 1st of March. They don’t even need to be the official Frostgrave miniatures, so if you have some old fantasy minis lying around you can dig them out and give them a coat of paint. All we ask is that they are fully painted and based.

But remember, if you don’t get them completed on time the ‘Special Brew’ will be waiting.

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