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EB1Ok then I think that should just about do it for the structure of the site. The forum is up and users can log on using a twitter account if they want to. I am still working ways to allow users to login using their Facebook or Google accounts but this will take a little longer to sort out. So it’s now all about people starting to use it and building up some content.

I’ve set things up so that anyone can register for the forums. But just to manage your expectations you may have to wait a day or so before you can log in after registering. This is down to the fact that since they were made live we have had over a thousand spam registrations. There is some software running to try and filter these out but a lot need to be check manually, my me. If you experience any problems just drop me a line using the contact form and I will do my best to sort things out for you.

For club members who want to add content to the main part of the site I will need to either manually set up an account for you or to amend you forum account to allow this. So just let me know this needs doing and I’ll sort it out for you.

So that’s my bit done and it’s now up to you lot to make the most of it. Having said that if find anything that’s not work or there are features you would me to look at incorporating then just let me know and I’ll see what I can do.


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