The Third Annual Steel Daemon Painting Competition

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Ok then ladies listen up. Our friends over at Red Steel (Preston) are holding their third big painting competition with prizes, certificates, bragging rights and stuff! So I think it is only right that we all make the effort to support them and entire at least one of the categories. And remember that these models can be from any gaming system so if want to show off your Malifaux crew next to your Flames of War squad or Dystopian Wars fleet then you can. For anyone, who like me, knows that they are not the best painter in the world, don’t worry about it. I’m hoping to enter a couple of the categories and have no illusion about my chances of winning. It really is just about taking part and supporting the event. And you can always dream.

So know I’ve got you interested what else do you need to knew. Well the date would be start. It is taking place on Sunday the 14th of December at Harlequins in Preston. I don’t have any times at the moment but you can always keep an eye on the Red Steel site and as soon as I know more I will update this post. Likewise I’m not sure what the categories will be but form previous years you should be looking at something like:

Single Miniature – Models must be on a 30mm base or smaller

A bit Bigger Miniature– Models must be on a base between 40mm and 60mm

Lots of Miniatures – Basically units or crews

Big Stuff – Models that don’t fit into the above categories for example tanks, colossal etc

Wippersnappers – Any model paint by under 18’s

Now for any club members I’m sure there will be a few of us going over on the day so we should be able to arrange lifts for everyone if anyone is stuck. As an additional incentive to get you all to have a go if you actually turn up and enter a model in any of the categories I will pay your next weeks subs. And if enough of you enter I’ll even arrange a special order of home made ginger biscuits.

So either get painting or simply dust off your favourite model and make sure it’s ready to take over to Preston on the 14th.

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