Ok then let’s start with what or who are ‘Da Cella Boyz’. Well first and foremost we are a group of friends who get together on a regular basis to have a bit of laugh playing games, making models, having a beer and generally talking a load of rubbish. It started back in the days when the Emperor was still a twinkle in his mother’s eye with Al and Pete getting together in the Cellar (basement to our cousins across the pond) of Al’s house with the original ‘Rogue Trader’. Over the years the circle of friends has grown and diversified and our ranks now include a ‘southerner’, a ‘yorkshireman’ and to drive home the point of how long things have been going the ‘not so little anymore’ kids are now playing and some of them even have their own kids (although granted they still a bit to small to play).

When it comes to games we embrace just about anything that involves miniatures. It’s fair to say that when things started it was very 40k centric but with the wealth of new systems out there that’s no longer the case. Whilst 40k hasn’t gone away it’s not for everyone and as the club has grown it has embraced a lot of other systems. Games now range from ‘Wings of War’ to ‘X-Wing’. ‘Flames of War’ & ‘Bolt Action’ to ‘War Machine’ and ’40K’. For those looking for a bit of a different feel then there is ‘Malifaux’ or ‘Dystopian Wars’ and with the increase in skirmish level games ‘MERCS’ and ‘Infinity’ are also growing in popularity. So as you can see we have quite a diverse interest and this is by no means and exhaustive list and with the popularity of ‘Kick Starter’ there are a steady stream of new offerings in the pipe-line.